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    What are the advantages of using our services?

    Legality Issues

    We look into the legal status of those universities we represent as an online agent for.

    Security of Payments

    You can pay safely for the degree online without risking your personal information and money, pay through a Secure Credit Card Server Authorized.net.

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    We contract only with legally registered and physically operating Universities.

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    You will be rewarded for any referred sales in our Partner Program. We have paid as much as 20% in terms of commission to our referrals.

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    The name of the institution is only revealed once you graduate to ensure a confidential service for all our clients.

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    Your fees are refunded in case of any such problems. We refund 100% of your money in such cases we fail to give you accredited degree online.

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    Permanent Record

    We want you to better experienced using our service. To verify our academic degree is a responsible Authorized merchant with a perfect student record, please feel free to contact our university after your purchase of accredited degree .

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    We limit certain number of major in certain cities and countries.  Therefore, you will never find that too many identical accredited degree online available in the same country or cities.  You can check around if any provider has this service.

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